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ThoughtTrace Virtual Test Drive

What Do I Get?

  • Instant insights into your most difficult and complicated data
  • Economic & revenue related assessments
  • Obligation-free way to test drive the only AI Document Understanding platform built for the Renewable Energy industry.
  • Expert guidance and specialized report delivery based on your documents and goals.

Find in Seconds:

  • Production Guarantees
  • Outages & Curtailment
  • Audit and Reporting Requirements
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Credit Support
  • Purchase Options & Obligations
  • Force Majeure (and more...)

Valuable Use Cases

  • Obligation Management
  • Regulatory Planning & Response
  • Supply Chain & Construction Disruptions
  • Transactions
  • Reporting & Compliance
  • Development Planning
  • Asset Management & Optimization

Reach real insights across your agreements.

We offer a customized free trial of the most accurate Contract Analytics & Document Intelligence platform in the Renewable Energy industry - at no cost and zero obligation.

See ThoughtTrace work on your PPAs, Interconnection Agreements, O&M Agreements, Leases, Site Control Agreements, and more.

How does it work?

  • Sign up today using the form here.
  • One of our Renewables experts will meet with you to understand your business needs and goals.
  • We'll upload a sample of your agreements into our software and show you the provisions and data elements ThoughtTrace identifies out of the box.
  • Based on these insights, you can decide if ThoughtTrace is the right fit for your business.

ThoughtTrace is SOC II Certified. Rest assured, any data residing in ThoughtTrace is secure.

ThoughtTrace Document Intelligence Software

The ThoughtTrace Document Intelligence platform automatically identifies the obligations, buried opportunities and risks contained within your contracts in seconds.

  • Find answers in seconds.
  • Build relationships across your project, systems, and infrastructure that enable the best decision making.
  • Easily analyze large data sets of contractual obligations such as production guarantees, production outage rights, O&M requirements, liquidated damages, indemnification, terms, and more.

"You have to understand what your assets are and what all of the requirements are... We went back and looked at over 100 assets.... by not being compliant on one item, it cost us $385,000 for something that should've been so simple. If you're being reactive in this business you're done... it will catch up with you." - Randy Corey, COO, sPower

Real results in record time.

Not next week, next month, or never. Not by spending a fortune on additional resources. See how easy it is to gain a deep understanding of the obligations, risks, and potential opportunities found in your data. We'll deliver insights from the software to you, at no cost, today.

Millions of dollars in savings found.

"We hit a grand slam with a $4 million find."

New levels of capital & operational effiency

"We save an incredible amount of time, which saves us money & creates tremendous efficiency."

In-house teams empowered to do more.

"We certainly won't be outsourcing anymore."

Faster consumption of VDRs for faster & enhanced transaction efforts.

"Are you in a strong negotiation position if you don't know what you actually own? No!"

Trusted by Energy Leaders to

Power Sustainable Growth

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